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What is Physie?


What is Physie? Physie (BjP Physical Culture) is a uniquely Australian form of dance. Physie dances combine ballet, aerobics, gymnastics, contemporary and modern jazz. All routines are choreographed to develop strength, grace, coordination, and flexibility.


Physie offers competitions for teams and individuals. Compeittions are set up for age groups, from 5 years old to 50+. 


The training that girls receive in Physie classes can give them focus and ability to achieve their goals outside physie - at school and work. Physie’s emphasis on teamwork and self-motivation helps students achieve greater academic results and better social skills. Every year Physie helps shy, reserved girls to blossom with confidence and perform on stage for an audience. Being part of a supportive, encouraging community does wonders for girls’ self-esteem.


If you've been looking for a dance or fitness class, a weekly social outing, or something to build confidence for yourself or your daughter - physie might just be what you're looking for!


Physie clubs are located all over Australia. We are located in Wollongong. If you're not nearby us, find your local club.


Check out this video of the Figtree Open Senior team - 2019 National Champions (Championship Grade). These girls are 22 - 38 years old.

More Videos

Check out other videos of Figtree Physie at 

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