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2016 Team Results

2016 has been a huge year for Figtree's teams! Congratulations to all the girls who represented Figtree.


5-6 Years: 2nd Place 7-8 Years: 1st Place (Overall champs) 9-10 Years: 2nd Place 11-12 Years: 1st Place (Overall champs) & 6th Place

13 Years: 2nd Place

SENIOR TEAMS (Championship Grade)

1st Year Seniors - 1st Place Open Seniors (Black) - 1st Place Open Seniors (Red) - 3rd Place


Novices: 2nd Place & 4th Place Intermediates: 2nd Place & 4th Place Under 33s: 3rd Place Over 33s: 3rd Place

Over 40s: 2nd Place

Over 50s: 4th Place

Over 60s: 3rd Place

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