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2015 Individual Results


The Junior National Finals are held at the Homebush State Sports Centre. Girls from 6 - 14 compete in local zone finals and 5 girls from each zone go on to compete at Homebush.

6 Years

Ava Harris - Semi Finalist

9 Years

Grace Duncan - 5th place

Georgia Cleverly - Semi Finalist

Jasmin Longley - Semi Finalist

11 Years

Montana Sadd - Semi Finalist

13 Years

Olivia Farrugia - Semi Finalist

Bree McCormick - Semi Finalist


2015 was our best year yet for Senior individual results. We took out 7 places, had four representatives in Grand , three Open Senior winners, and our Phoebe Collins was crowned Grand Champion girl 2015 (the champion of all national champions).

1st Year Seniors

Brooke Sadd - 2nd Place

2nd Year Seniors

Kaitlyn Kelly - 3rd Place

India Pardy - National Finalist

Open Senior 21-22

Jen Galea - National Finalist

Open Senior 23-24

Phoebe Collins - 1st Place

Open Senior 25-27

Jenna-Beth Taylor - 1st Place

Kelly Blackburn - 5th Place

Open Senior 28+

Emma Funnell - 1st Place

Melissa Redpath - 2nd Place

Anelyse Laraghy - 5th Place

Kristy Bennis - National Finalist

GRAND CHAMPION 2015 - Phoebe Collins


Ladies Under 33

Carly Negendahl - National Finalist

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